Firstly, I LOVE newborns – their tiny bodies, their little personalities and the unique details that make them who they are make my heart sing. For this reason my focus during our session is the safety and comfort of your baby.

While photographing your newborn I look for the things that make your baby who they are – the wrinkly hands, a little smile, a tuft of hair. My aim is to provide you with a collection of images that remind you of all the details that you gushed over in those first weeks and remind you of just how tiny and pure your baby was during this time.


A Newborn Session with Aimee Cook Photography

I recommend newborn sessions be held 5-14 days after your baby’s birth. A baby this age will generally curl up in to those fetal like positions naturally, sleep longer and don’t startle as easily.  Missed the first two weeks?   Babies can be photographed at any age.  Newborn sessions including the sleepy, naked poses are harder to achieve with older babies but there are lots of other ways we can capture precious memories of your little one.  Contact me for more information.

I work primarily with natural colours (creams, whites and browns).  I am happy to include items that are special to you and your baby such as family teddy bears or quilts. If you have an item you would like included please let me know.

Each session is different – some babies sleep through the entire thing, others are awake. Either way we will be able to capture some beautiful images that represent this amazing time. I have no expectations of your baby, they don’t understand that you are investing in this opportunity to capture beautiful moments. If your baby cries or is unsettled on the day we stop and calm the baby for as long as needed. At the end of the day, the way your baby acts is a representation of them and that is what we are aiming to capture.

A word on newborn safety

My hands will be on your baby 90% of the time you are with me, if your baby shows any signs of discomfort I will stop. My poses are all ‘baby led’ which means I place them down and watch the way their body naturally falls and make slight adjustments from there. I do NOT suspend babies in pouches nor do I use any props that I consider unsafe – please do not ask me to do these things, your baby’s comfort and safety is more important to me than getting a photo.

Maternity Sessions with Aimee Cook Photography

Maternity Sessions can be added to Newborn Session bookings.  These sessions are held in the studio between 33 – 36 weeks and can include your partner and children.